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Envirobubble - protecting your goods and environmentally friendly too

Reduce, Re-Use or Recycle. Get Packed has a strong interest in providing environmentally friendly packaging alternatives for those who want to make a difference. All of these products on offer are either biodegradable, have been manufactured from atleast partly recycled content, or manufactured to create the same product just using less of it whilst still being able to maintain strength and integrity. Other products are either paper based packaging or are packaging products that help you create your own recycled packaging. Let's make a difference.


Environmentally friendly packaging choices that are available
Utility Mailers made from 50% recycled content

Utility Mailers
Made from 50% recycled paper

Made from 50% recycled paper, Utility Mailers are a heavy duty and double walled mailing envelope that provide strength and stiffness against tearing and punctures. The Utility mailers also features a self seal closure with tear tape for easy opening.

Utility Mailer

Jiffy Padded Mailer

Kraft paper mailer bags

Jiffy Padded Mailer
Brown Kraft paper with recycled paper inner

Made up of brown Kraft paper - a heavy duty strong envelope ready for rough handling with internal padding and cushioning created from recycled paper fibre which expands as the package is handled through out the shipping cycle. Featuing double fold corners and double glued bottom flap which go toward providing optimum corner and edge protection as well as self seal closure and easy open tear. Idea for the environment as well as being a comparable mailing product.

Jiffy Padded Mailer

Jiffy Padded Mailer

Brown-Kraft-paper-bags-to replace-plastic-bags

Brown Kraft Paper bags

Made from 100% recycled brown kraft paper these are a popular and attractive alternative to plastic bags. Made from 110gsm - 126gsm paper they feature a side gussett to provide for extra capacity. White paper bags are available on request (not a standard stock item) and both white and brown kraft paper bags can be printed with your logo (min quantity for printing is 5000 bags).

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Newsprint paper used for packing and wrapping

Newsprint - Packing / Wrapping Paper
Made of up to 60% recycled paper fibre

Plain white packing paper is an economical way to wrap and protect fragile items to prevent scratching or damage whilst in transport or storage. Made from up to 60% recycled fibre from old newspapers and magazines this white paper is very similar to butchers paper. Available in reams of 500 sheets.

Black Padded Mailer Bags
White padded mailer bags

Black and White Opaque Padded Bags
15% recycled content

The new Armour range of opaque padded mailers offers a professional looking package with the additional benefit of providing privacy and discretion. The Black features 100% blockout and the white features a 20% increase in opacity due to a tri-layer white extrusion process - as well as tamper evident seals. The black padded mailers are all side opening (opening the long side) whilst the white padded mailers are available in both top and side opening options. The two inner linings of the Armour range of padded mailer bags are made up of up to 15% recycled content, making them a more environmentally friendly choice! For returnable bags with the extra seal please contact us for custom creations.

Black Padded Bags

Black Padded Bags

White Padded Bags

White Padded Bags

Jiffylite padded mailers

Jiffylite Cushioned Mailer
kraft paper exterior with bubble inner (made from up to 15% recycled content)

Featuring a 100% recycled white kraft paper exterior and a bubble interior - which has been created from up to 15% recycled content. The combination providing excellent stiffness and puncture resistance and the confidence of bubble padding for the interior. Also features a convenient self seal closure and tear tape for easy opening. Suitable for curbside recycling.

Jiffy Lite Mailer

Jiffy Padded Mailer

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

Using single face fluting, corrugated cardboard is another protective packaging alternative to wrap and protect your more fragile items. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Available in varying widths.

TempGuard- Kraft Paper Recyclable Thermal Insulation Packaging

TempGuard - Recyclable Cold Chain Insulation Packaging

TempGuard is a fully recyclable cold chain packaging solution and alternative to metalised foil, bubblewrap and polystyrene boxes. The insulated box liners are made from heavy duty kraft paper and recycled paper fibres which will ensure and maintain your products temperature when used with Gel Ice Packs for 12-48 hours. They are 100% curbside blue bin recyclable thermal pads making disposing easy.

Thermal carton liners - thermal bags for cold chain packaging

Thermal Carton Liners|Thermal Bag | EnviroTherm

These thermal carton liners, used in conjunction with Gel Ice Packs have been created for the express purpose of providing insulation during transport for heat sensitive items such as food or pharmaceuticals. They have been included in this website as the metalized layer has been formulated from EnviroTherm which is made from up to 20% recycled content which makes them now 100% recyclable at over 1850 REDCycle centres across shopping centres across Australia. They are Australian made and testing maintains that temperature can be maintained in excess of 33 hours. These are supplied as thermal bubble bags (480mm x 280mm + 90mm flap) as well as perforated rolls for small or large liners, cartons to match are also available. For details please click the link below and see attached PDF's.

Kraft Paper Tape

Kraft Paper Tape

Made from Kraft Paper and a synthetic rubber adhesive it is another environmetnally friendly alternative to traditional polypropylene (plastic) packaging tape. It can be used with a standard tape gun for easy application and can be torn by hand. It is available in 48mm width, 50m roll, as well as a machine roll (48mm x 500m). Get Packed also supplies a reinforced version with fibreglass filaments for additional strength. Custom printing is easily arranged too.

Water Activated Tape great for tamper proofing and environmentally friendly

Water Activated Tape - gummed tape

Being made from paper as opposed to plastic, water activated or gummed tape is a 100% environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging tape. It provides the added benefit of creating a tamper evident seal as the water activated starch based gum actually penetrates the fibre of the carton when applied and cannot be lifted without tearing the seal and box. Click on the cart below to view more information and links to water activated tape dispensers.

Brown kraft paper rolls and dispensers

Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

Made from recycled content as well as being fully recyclable, brown kraft paper is another economical alternative to wrap and protect a variety of items for shipping and posting. Available with a standard core of 25mm (which fit dispensers also available from Get Packed).

Cardboard mailing tubes made from 100% recycled board

Cardboard Mailing Tubes
made from 100% recycled board and re-usable

Re-Usable, recyclable and made from recycled product. Mailing tubes come in a range of off the shelf sizes, however custom sizing is available (minimum order quantities required). Get Packed supply cardboard tubes in white cardboard with white lids. Custom printing is also available.

Cardbaord boxes and cartons

Cardboard Boxes
and Recyclable

Cardboard cartons are Re-Usable and recyclable made from a standard cardboard and available in a range of sizes off the shelf. Custom sizing and/or custom printing is also available for boxes.

Cellophane biodegradable bags

Cellophane Bags
90% biodegradable plastic bag

Cello Bags are made from a naturally occurring cellulose as opposed to petroleum based alternatives - and they are 90% biodegradable and one of the worlds oldest form of transparent packaging. Ideal for gift cards, lollies or baked items.

Angle boards or pallet corners for pallet stability - made from cardboard

Angle Boards / Pallet Corners
and Recyclable

Re-Usable and recyclable, Pallet Corners are made from a thick moulded cardboard strip that is used on the corners of pallets to assist in stablity and protection. Often the metal or plastic strapping used to strap pallets together will dig into the boxes on the pallet and can damage the goods inside. Pallet corners provide the rigid strip that stops strapping penetrating the goods on the pallet.

Void Fill Biofill made from 100% natural starch

Bio Fill Void Fill Chips
made from 100% natural starch

Biofill is a cost effective void filler used to cushion goods and reduce movement of goods that are at risk during transport. They are manufactured from a renewable resource and is compostable whilst being static, odour and dust free. Get Packed also supplies a Void Fill Dispenser (hopper) for easier dispensing.

pre-stretched pallet wrap stretch wrap designed so that less plastic is required

Pre-Stretched Pallet Wrap / Stretch Wrap
Specifically designed to reduce the amount of plastic required

Reduce! Pre-stretched pallet wrap (stretch wrap) has been spefically designed so that less plastic wrap is required to do the same job. Normally pallet wrap needs to be stretched around a pallet to provide strength and stability to a pallet load of goods for transport and storage. When pallet wrap has been pre-stretched then not only is less effort required to pull it around the pallet, less film is actually used - and less plastic.

CT 300 Ultra thin shrink film

Ultra Thin Shrink Film
Specifically designed to reduce the amount of plastic required

Reduce! This is a new high performance shrink film that features the same optics - clarity and shine as well as strength, durability and tear resistance as thicker shrink films - but is ultra thin! This means that for the same job, much less plastic is required.

Profipack cardboard perforator - reuse old boxes and make your own packaging

Profipack Cardboard Perforator
Reuse old boxes

Available in a desktop model as well as a stand alone model, the Profipack allows you to not only re-use old boxes and cartons, but you create your own attractive and degradable packaging. Saving not only the environment, but packaging costs too.

Fasfil paper void-fill system - use recycled paper to create your own void fill

Fasfil EZ Paper Void-Fill System
Uses 100% recycled paper

The Fasfil Void-fill system dispenses recycled paper by crimping it to a design that minimizes waste by reducing the amount of packaging material needed to provide superior protection.


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